We advise on deal sourcing from origination through our extensive global network of Partners, until execution. Understanding our clients' investment strategy is key to identify opportunities that suit the acquisition and investment strategy of investors. In addition, S&A team can also assist you with raising capital through its extensive network of funding partners, HNWI among others.


Businesses need the 'right advisors' and 'wise advisors' to help support growth and productivity, at minimum or no risk. S&A are that and more. We provide smart legal advice without 'designer price tags' that traditional law firms usually ask for.

With over 15 years of legal experience and common sense, we come equipped with knowledge and experience.  We are very efficient, thoroughly professional and our approach to customer services is refreshingly clear in language all our clients can understand.


We offer clients smart insights into their business through intelligent reporting and clever strategy building.

We look at businesses and management teams holistically as we devise strategies to boost productivity & improve sales, create business development and sales strategies, inform clients of new markets (globally), develop smart business plans, create business valuations to demonstrate profitability, analyze competitors & trends, develop information memorandums & pitch-decks and assist with financial modeling & analysis.


Our investment platform and services bring exclusive opportunities and advice to investment companies such as private equity, family offices, sovereign wealth funds and individual investors. Our investments and those of our partners, span sectors from retail to medical, hospitality & leisure to infrastructure and energy to real estate.

S&A source exclusive investment opportunities, globally. Our strong network facilitates effective deal sourcing and co-investments with other investors, by matching deal value, risk, sector and geographical requirements.

A popular option to make a business grow is via merger & acquisitions. We take our clients step by step through the investment cycle at the same time ensuring that our clients do not waste time or money that they don’t need to.

  • Expert advice throughout the transaction
  • Proven ability to help find the right buyer for client’s business, or help  identify the right acquisition target to fit with client’s strategic ambition.
  • Valuation of assets
  • Advice and assistance with cross border transactions

S&A teams assist small and middle-market companies that are seeking capital for their growth strategy.


It is everyone's legal obligation to know the law of the country they reside in and operate any business in. Our role is to simplify the laws for clients and help compliance with these laws, create easy to read documents, protect clients' rights and keep them safe from business risks so our clients can operate their business with flair and vigour.

We structure businesses and advise on incorporations in onshore and offshore jurisdictions within the GCC, United States, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Seychelles, Jersey, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands and many more jurisdictions. Tell us your objectives and we will help incorporate the right structure for you, legally compliant in every manner.

S&A investigate proposed investments and business deals; verify transactions and vet them as safe investments. At the end of every due diligence exercise, clients are provided with a high level or detailed due diligence report that can be comfortably relied upon in order to assess its position and make informed decisions. Clients can rely on S&A to advise on any red-tape formalities and risks that need to be addressed.

We provide General Legal Advice on all types of commercial ‘day-to-day’ transactions for businesses of any size. Types of agreements that we specialise in are Confidentiality Agreements (NDAs), Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs), Collaboration Agreements, Exclusivity Contracts, License Agreements, Franchising or Distribution Agreements, Shareholder Agreements, Co-founder Agreements, Partnership Agreements, Profit Sharing Agreements, all types of Sale and Purchase Agreements, Employment Agreements and Offer Letters, Share Purchase Agreements, Asset Transfer Agreements, Supplier or Customer related Agreements, all types of loan/financing facility documentation, All Real Estate Sale, Development, Leasing, Construction, Brokerage related agreements, Indemnity Agreements, License Agreements, etc.

If you are too busy running your business and have no time to look at contracts or assess legal risks in transactions, we are happy to do this for you at a fixed monthly fee. We review your business processes, create and amend documents as required, negotiate deals, settle contentious issues and alleviate legal risks. Save yourself the hassle and cost of appointing in-house counsel or appointing expensive traditional law firms and Use our Outsourced Legal Services instead. Our clients that use this service Save Costs and Increase Business Efficiency, instantly.

S&A develop strategies for disputes and work with resourceful and qualified partners are well experienced with writing ‘award-winning’ claims and who are experts at winning and enforcing judgments. We think, strategize and leave no stone unturned when developing intelligent strategies with our partners for any type of litigation or arbitration cases.

We work with Blue Blooded Royalty, Star-Studded Celebrities, shiny Social Media Influencers (local and international) and international Jet-Setters. We provide a ‘Diamond’ Level of Service to these clients. If you belong to one of these categories and have zero time to waste, need advisors who ‘Think-Outside-The-Boring’ and are on call for you 24/7, you need to contact us immediately. We have worked on the quirkiest of investments, bedazzled contracts for Brand Ambassadors and Collaborators, negotiated complex deals for Social Media Influencers and managed to terminate exclusive arrangements with little or no damage. Send us a message on how you can be part of our exclusive ‘Diamond’ Clientele.

Start-ups keep legal services as their last requirement as they assume this comes at a high price. Not in our case. We are pleased to offer all start-ups, our innovative and genius ‘Start-Up Services‘ that includes a ‘free’ legal consultation on general business operations. With this service, we review the start-ups’ business process, provide a pack of starter legal documents that are tailored for the business at a fixed price such as Confidentiality Agreements, Supplier or Customer Terms and Conditions, Website Terms and Conditions and Shareholder Agreements. All start-ups can easily afford S&A’s legal services. Contact S&A at, to schedule a ‘free’ legal consultation on general business operations.

Investing into a property or Thinking of Divesting from a Business or Come across a brilliant business idea that you want to invest in? We can help advise you on legal risks and create the right legal documentation for you to be entering into. We specialise in MOUs, Term Sheets, Sale and Purchase Agreements, Investment Agreements, Asset Transfer Agreements, Joint Ventures, Share Purchase Agreements, Profit Sharing Agreements, Shareholder Agreements, Convertible Loan Agreements and Subscription Agreements.


Insights into industry, expert knowledge regarding the market, which tools to use to identify and implement strategies, are what S&A specialise in. With innovative systems and modules, S&A always develops the right solution for clients.

S&A study and research the attractiveness and dynamics of any special market within a specific industry and the various issues impacting this industry. This research material is then converted into information apt for a comprehensive report for client use.

A feasibility study is an analysis of the viability of an idea. The feasibility study focuses on helping answer the essential question of “should we proceed with the proposed project idea?” All activities of the study are directed toward helping answer this question. A feasibility process may investigate a variety of ways of organising business and positioning a product in the marketplace. It is like an exploratory journey that may take several paths before reaching its destination.

S&A develop excellent business development strategies for businesses to increase sales, capitalise profits, expand and grow. In using S&A, clients save unnecessary investment of capital and resources to develop an actual physical department within its own business. For example, if the client is a new international business looking to set up within the Middle East or an exciting little venture raring to go, S&A supply you the knowledge and agenda to take the business to the next level.